Glider1Patrick Chiles has been fascinated by airplanes, rockets, and spaceflight ever since he was a little kid growing up in South Carolina. How he ended up as an English major in college is still a mystery, though he managed to overcome this self-inflicted handicap to pursue a career in aviation.

He is a graduate of The Citadel and a Marine Corps veteran, a licensed pilot, and an aviation safety manager. In addition to his novels for Baen Books, he has written for magazines such as Smithsonian’s Air & Space. He currently resides in Ohio as an expatriate Southerner with his wife and two lethargic dachshunds.

If you’re still wondering what goes on inside Pat’s head, these interviews may help:


Digital Book Today

He can be emailed at patrick.chiles@outlook.com.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Semper Fi. “Frozen Orbit” – great hard S/F. Starting “Frontier” now. I’ve missed this kind of lit. Figured you were military, a bit surprised you were USMC.

    Former USMC, retired aerospace engr.

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