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Patrick Chiles began his writing career with the self-published novels Perigee and Farside, which were acquired by Baen Books in 2016. His subsequent novels, 2020’s Frozen Orbit, 2021’s Frontier, and 2023’s Escape Orbit, have established him as a rising talent in the realm of realistic, near-future science fiction. Having a fascination with practical space travel and a love for Cold War technothrillers, his novels feature plausible technology while leveraging his military and airline experience to create stories with engaging, relatable characters on astonishing adventures: “ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.”

He has also contributed short stories to the World Breakers anthology with Larry Correia and David Weber, Worlds Long Lost with Orson Scott Card and Christopher Ruocchio, and is the headline author for The Ross 248 Project with D. J. Butler and Monalisa Foster.

Patrick graduated from The Citadel in 1986 and went on to serve in the Marine Corps until 1993. After a career in managing airline and business flight operations, he now works for an aviation safety consulting firm when he is not writing novels. He currently resides in central Ohio with his wife and two lethargic dachshunds.

He can be contacted at pat@chilesfiles.com.

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