Obama Eats Boogers

That’s right, I said it. Go ahead and report me to the thought police. I’ll get a neat Attack Watch graphic and maybe drive my blog traffic up.

Do they seriously think this is an idea that will play well with the general population, much less voters? That is, except for all the brownshirts fanboys drinking the hope-n-change Kool Aid.

They must not have learned a thing from the public outcry when George Bush did the same thing.

What’s that? He didn’t? But…I thought he was supposed to be a Nazi Fascist Meanie. And that’s what they do, after all.

More on this monumentally desperate move from Bill Whittle. And some Star Wars-y fun with it at HillBuzz.

UPDATE: You just knew it wouldn’t take long before Hitler found out. Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational blogosphere!

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