Artist Bleg

Anyone ever seen this illustration before? I’m looking for the artist…

Other than the folding aft wings, it’s pretty close to what I envisioned for the Clipper spaceplanes in Perigee. In my version, those passenger modules you see in the mid and rear would be for cargo. Couple of reasons for this:

1) It enables a critical scene late in the plot.

2) Realism. If something like this were to ever come into service, you can bet the people paying those ticket prices are going to want to be up front where they’re close to windows. Note how the aft and mid-deck pressure vessels for the pax are embedded deep inside the hull; I’m assuming no windows. That’d be one puke-inducing ride. Also, time-critical freight would be a huge business for such a vehicle. Forget FedEx overnight to Japan. How about same-day service?

It looks like a cutaway from Flight Global, but there’s nothing on their website. I’d like to use this in my book but can’t find the original for the life of me.

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