Book Report: Heaven’s Shadow

Okay, not quite. I’m planning to start posting book reviews, as soon as I’m done writing my own and have time to read other people’s stuff again. I’ve been picking through Boyd Morrison’s The Vault for nearly a month and am not even halfway through yet. Our 13-year-old finished it in like three days.

Such is the life of a writer with a full-time day job. Darn those evil corporate bigwigs who expect me to actually work, on stuff they deem important, and then pay me for it!

So until I can devote the time to sharing books I’ve enjoyed with you, check out this interview with the authors of Heaven’s Shadow at The Space Review. It’s the first of a trilogy by a couple of guys who’s names you’ve probably seen in TV and movie credits. Here’s the gist of it:

It appears to be about a new space race, this time to be the first to land on a mysterious near Earth object (NEO) that is passing outside the orbit of the Moon, but within reach of an Constellation-like system.

It’s actually about an unusual type of First Contact, humans encountering an alien vehicle and an alien intelligence. We aren’t anywhere near the first to attempt this—not even in the first thousand. But we think we have a slightly different story to tell.

Works for me! I’ve already reserved it at our library, maybe I can knock it out over three or four months and get back to you…

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