Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?

Judging by the results of this survey, I’d say your average single-celled organism might have more brain power.

This whole sorry movement is really just the end result of decades of undermining our education standards. Add to that far too many young people who go on to major in absolutely useless subjects only to end up saddled with massive debt and no job prospects. This quote from a NY Times story is priceless:

In Boston, a hub of colleges and universities, a higher education theme emerged among protesters. “What did I spend the last four years doing…Fluent in Mandarin and French and no one wants to go for that? And it’s like, now what?”

Yes, the economy’s in the tank. But jobs are not non-existent, and you might be more competitive if you’d majored in something useful instead of Medieval French Literature with a minor in Transgender Victim Studies. What stands out in the above piece is how many of them seem to be from the artsy-crafty crowd. Strangely, I don’t see many stories about newly-minted engineers being out of work. Check the websites of Boeing, Lockheed, SpaceX, etc. and you’ll find they’re still hiring in droves.

Look, my degree’s in English. I get it. I likewise didn’t give serious thought to what good it’d actually do for me in the marketplace since I was headed for the military. And that was 25 years ago, when the Reagan Boom was in full swing. When the economy is barely avoiding depression, employers can afford to be a lot more choosy. They have to be.

What’s sad is that this crowd just doesn’t get it. They don’t understand where their anger really needs to be focused because they’ve come up through a system that left them completely unprepared for reality.

I feel sorry for a lot of these people, seriously. This guy, not so much:

4 Replies to “Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?”

  1. I bet many non-occupiers wouldn’t know the answers to that test either. I’ve interviewed several protesters, all of which seemed to have a grasp on what the problems are and what they want to see done to fix it. Interviews are on my blog if you’re open to pro-Occupy opinions.

    1. I’ve read the list of demands that was making its way around the news last week. Sorry, but I’m not open to thinly-disguised Marxism. And it sure appears to me that a good deal of the organizers are coming from that P.O.V; these kids are being played.

      1. The main message of the movement shouldn’t be overlooked just because of their demands, which I believe were designed to be impossible so they would be able to justify the protests aimed at Wall Street. The message is to stop corporations from involving themselves in politics. Businesses should stick to business like they’re supposed to. That’s the bottom line. But, I respect your position.

  2. The logic doesn’t follow. Their protests would be a lot more “justifiable” if they showed the slightest understanding of how the economy works. And the anti-semitism on display is downright obscene.
    As it is, they’re directing their ire at the wrong crowd. Corporations have just as much right to “involve themselves” in politics as individuals do. Or unions. Or marxist revolutionaries. You know, that whole “redress of grievances” thing in the 1st amendment.
    The bigger problem rests with Washington inserting itself into business. Cronyism has been getting increasingly worse, but it’s really gone off the deep end with this administration. What’s even worse are the unintended consequences of legislation that results from congressmen who don’t understand how business works and don’t care about the effect of boneheaded laws like Sarb-Ox and Dodd-Frank. In most cases, corporations insert themselves into politics out of fear of getting screwed if they don’t.
    I agree business should stick to business, but government likewise needs to stay out of the way.

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