The End is Nigh

The end of 2011, at least. And if you buy in to the whole Mayan-calendar thing, then you probably should be spending what’s left of your retirement savings in anticipation of certain Apocalypse by this time next year.

Now that I’m published, my perspective on writing is beginning to change since I’m faced with the transition between finishing the @%$#! book and actually getting people to buy it. You know, that whole marketing thing.

Perigee has been for sale exactly one week now. Speaking for myself, that’s been a week blissfully spent not writing, thinking about writing, or fussing over the edits of my writing. I owed it to my family. And it’s been nice to not have a major project constantly gnawing at the back of my mind.

More to follow on that topic, but for now here are some great stories on the current state of publishing.

Digital Book World: Five Big Stories of 2011 That Will Bleed Into 2012

Emily Casey: Self-Publishing vs Sushi. Worth reading just for the Venn Diagram that explains much of what you see on bookstore shelves.

Bob Mayer: Ten Daring Predictions for 2012 from the Indie Author Trenches

Read and discuss amongst yourselves. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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