Can’t Get There From Here

At least not in this kind of style. Not yet. We obviously have a long way to go before the kind of technology speculated about in Perigee comes to fruition. Aerospace geeks might remember the X-30 “National Aerospace Plane” project from the Eighties; it never got off the ground (literally) but still led to ways around some important technological barriers. Roger Launius writes about it here.

And just for grins, he also speculates about going a little ways beyond low Earth orbit. Hang on to your seats.

No reason to bother with it? Nothing worth finding out there? Maybe, maybe not. On the “maybe not” side, consider this recap of the Apollo 12 lunar mission. While there may not be any life out there (who knows?), I don’t really care. I’d go just for the view.

"In The Beginning", by Apollo 12 LMP Al Bean

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