(We Don’t Need No) Civil War

I wish this post was about a crappy and long-forgotten Guns & Roses tune.

Sadly, it’s not.

Nope, this is a post about the relentless jackassery of the European Union. Seems that their Ministry of Silly Walks (whatever, it doesn’t really matter – they’re all equally ineffective) has determined that to avoid harming the feelings of anyone who might’ve signed up for the Jackboot side of WWII, the Museum of European History will henceforth only present said history from 1946 onward. The armed unpleasantness that occurred immediately before the current era of sweetness and light will henceforth be referred to as the European Civil War.

Let that sink in a minute.

Because we all know the Nazis were soundly defeated by the French Resistance, with the help of the 1st Swiss Fighting Neuters Division. Never mind that Churchill fellow and his rowdy American cousins.

And we certainly can’t go upsetting all those current and former fascists, now can we? Never mind – they already are.

Excuse me, but WTF? I mean, what the effin’ eff??? If anyone still required evidence that the EU ministers are completely unmoored from reality, look no further. And if you want to see how the roots of totalitarianism take hold, this is a pretty good example and just more proof that Orwell sure as hell knew what he was talking about.

My mind is still reeling at this, so I’ll leave it to the brilliant Mark Steyn:

If this were truly a “European Civil War”, it would have been over in nothing flat, because on the Continent of Europe every nation was either neutral, conquered, or on the wrong side. It’s hard to have a civil war with only one team. The only thing that makes it a “European” civil war at all is that, after the fall of France, one small island way out on the periphery off the continental shelf and its non-European empire declined to submit, and were eventually joined by its transatlantic ally.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, EuWeenies. It sure beats whatever you’re smoking now.

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