I Want To Believe

You will remember nothing after reading this post. Except to buy my book, “Perigee”, on sale now at Amazon! Buy lots of copies for your family!

OK, not really.

This is pretty weird, though. I found it yesterday on NASASpaceFlight‘s discussion forums, just before the moderator pulled it (it’s a pretty serious website, and the subscriber-only forums are mostly populated by real rocket scientists who don’t take kindly to pseudo-scientific twaddle). And I intentionally linked to the Paranoid News version just because they appear to keep things pretty tongue-in-cheek.

This “declassified NSA document” at first looked fake-y to me, though I’m a rank amateur. I figured it was a spoof site, but then backed up to just the “nsa.gov” site and started searching for the file. What gave me pause is that it took several iterations to finally sort through all the rubbish to find it on my own. Why is that significant? Well, have you ever tried a document search on a government website? I do all the time at work for FAA and NTSB references, and their search engines are freaking horrible. You have to wade through pages and pages of unrelated garbage to finally get what you’re looking for.

I’ve no idea at all if this is for real, an intentional red herring (just to see who’s paying attention), or part of some internal thought exercise. The latter seems the most likely to me: gov’t agencies, especially intel and defense, go through all kinds of extreme worst-case drills all the time. These frequently get misreported as some kind of diabolical plot by rogue operators, when in reality they’re just stretching their mental muscles.

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