Back in the Saddle and More Sneak Previews

Sorry for the long blog break. I’ve been neck-deep in projects at home and really needed to jumpstart the Perigee sequel. Life would be so much more productive without sleep, but I ain’t getting any younger.

For your reading pleasure, here’s another random excerpt from Terminal Velocity:

Melbourne, Florida

“What’s that?” Tommy Hunter had pulled his mother by the hand into the back yard, which was becoming a habit of late. At night, the sky above their home seemed to explode with stars. He was starting to recognize patterns and was immediately drawn to anything new or out of place. What his mother didn’t realize was that he’d become aware of where his daddy worked, and had been looking for him up there.

“It’s a comet, dear,” Marcy Hunter said patiently. They encouraged his inquisitiveness, but this latest obsession kept conflicting with bedtime.

“What’s a comet?”

Marcy thought for a minute, searching for an explanation that would fit a toddler’s understanding. “It’s like a big snowball,” she finally answered. “A really big snowball.”

“Big as me?”

“Much bigger,” she smiled.

“Big as daddy’s plane?”

“Even bigger.”

“Big as our house?”

“No, hon,” she said gently. “Big as the whole town.”

He stared at the blue-white smudge that seemed to scrape the ocean, looked back past their neighborhood, and paused to consider his mother’s words. She couldn’t tell if he was impressed or not. “That’s really big,” he finally said. “Is it going to land here?”

“No, baby,” she said. “But it is going to fly right by us in a few weeks.” All the news outlets had been breathlessly talking about it, in fact. It promised to be a real show, if not a bit too close for comfort as it passed between Earth and Moon.

“Okay.” Tommy took one last look and turned back to their house for bed. He was satisfied with his mother’s explanation, as the big flying snowball had been getting bigger lately.

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