A Bite of the Apple

As if Amazon hasn’t given me enough gizmos, gadgetry, and geedunk to spend money on, now we have Apple’s annual festival of brand snobbery product event tomorrow.

OK, that was a little snarky. Admittedly I’m just jealous of all those people who can afford Macbooks. iPhones aren’t out of reach, but my employer already has me carrying a (cough cough) crackberry and I just don’t want to lug two smartphones around.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

iPods are a different story. Dadgum if I don’t love the little beasties, and if rumors hold true we should be seeing an all-new Nano introduced tomorrow. Behold the project known as Codename N31:


I’ve no idea how close to reality that rendering will be, since it originates with Japanese internet fanboys. But it certainly looks plausible, considering these aftermarket Nano cases are supposed to be the real deal:

Couple that with a reported shortage of current-gen Nanos (that is, Apple’s not sending replacement stock to retailers), and it’s a good bet we’ll see something new tomorrow.

Supposedly 16gb memory will be standard, but the big question is which operating system will it run? It would be great to load up a Nano with some of my kid’s Touch apps, but it’s hard to see how Apple would undercut their own product line like that.

The wild card in all this is the rumored iPad Mini. If they release a 7″ version that goes head-to-head against the Kindle Fire HD on price, then the market will get verrrry interesting. I’d have a hard time forking over $300 or so for a Mini if the Touch is still in the 200-250 range.

So why not just get a Touch? Because I’m really cheap – and really clumsy. The screen on a Touch wouldn’t last a week in my back pocket. Thus, I dig Nanos.

But I can dream. More rumory goodness at 9to5mac.com, which is where I found these pics and other juicy details.

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