Does MCT = Falcon XX?

A commenter in the last post on SpaceX’s “MCT” announcement included a link to this graphic:

Thanks Adros47! And…DA-YUM. Those things are monsters.

I dug a little more and found the full article from 2010 at Spaceref here. It includes an embedded link to another piece at Aviation Week, but the link seems to have expired. I’ll keep rooting around the interwebs and will post more if I find it.

And for the record, I’m standing by my “Mars Crew Transport” statement:

Unveiling conceptual plans for a family of Falcon X and XX future heavy-lift vehicles at last week’s AIAA Joint Propulsion conference here, SpaceX McGregor rocket development facility director Tom Markusic said, “Mars is the ultimate goal of SpaceX.”

Yeah, what he said!

UPDATE: Lots of talk about this at, and not all of it’s nice. Plenty of honest speculation, sprinkled with a healthy dose of carping and pedantic nitpicking. But do check out the back-of-the-envelope specs in a pdf at the linked post.

Also sounds like “MCT” refers to the engine, not the launcher itself. Which might throw cold water on my “Mars Crew Transport” theory. I’m also reminded that they frequently referred to their Saturn V – class ideas as “BFR”. Which I guess means Big Fuzzy Rocket. Or something like that…


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