Sunday Night Music

Everybody else blogs about their music now and then, so I might as well get into the act.

There’s not much modern music (how about that alliteration?) that I care for, a sure sign that I’m getting old. Either that, or it really is all crap. And since you can’t spell CRAP without RAP, I’m inclined to think it’s the latter. A couple of notable exceptions to this era’s parade of suck are the Foo Fighters and Volbeat. Everybody knows the Foos, but if you haven’t heard Volbeat then do yourself a favor and check out their awesome metalbilly mashup of Johnny Cash and Metallica.

Of course, none can match the awesome power of Led Zeppelin (even though my wife thinks the young Robert Plant sounded like someone strangling a cat). It didn’t stop her from getting me their live reunion DVD for Christmas, though. Behold the awesome:

And finally, if you want metal, HERE’S metal: Compressorhead! Heavy Metal by musicians who should know a thing or two about, well, metal. Check out General Grievous’ cousin on drums:

Kind of creepy, really. All we have left is to wait for Skynet to become self-aware and send the Terminators.

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