Dogs and Cats Living Together

Mass hysteria!

OK, not really. Via Instapundit, a fascinating account of a meeting between Tea Party and MoveOn bigwigs which illustrates there is still some room for agreement between left and right. Ask yourself:

How many of you voted for trillion-dollar deficits?   I haven’t yet met the voter who did, yet representatives on both sides of the aisle continue to impose them on us.

How many of you think we have the premier education system in the world, where the dollars and are efforts are focused on our kids?  Hmmm…none of you?  Then why are so many of our politicians on both sides of the aisle wedded to the status quo, and we see so little change?

How many of you think that our criminal justice system is the best in the world, and the War on Drugs has been a tremendous success?  Hmmm…anyone…left or right?  No?  Then why are so many of our incumbent representatives on both sides of the aisle so weak when it comes to making any real criminal justice reforms?

How many of you think that we have far too much unproductive, government mandated paperwork?  Everyone?  Then why can’t we get our elected representatives at all levels to do something about this?


We are increasingly being lorded over by slick-talking charlatans with their own agendas, who care nothing for the people they are about to bury under a fetid, steaming pile of onerous regulations and insurmountable debt. But they’ll be taken care of, so it’s all good in their eyes. As Professor Reynolds says, we now have perhaps the worst class of political leaders in our country’s history (and who benefit from a press that shows no understanding, objectivity, or basic curiosity).

The above questions have answers which don’t have to involve people screaming at each other. Don’t allow yourselves to be taken in by the clown show and their endless parade of shiny things.

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