History Ain’t What it Used to Be


So this little snippet of world-shattering news slipped under the old e-mail door yesterday:

Wright Brothers Not First to Fly

As determined by Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft. I doubt they’d put their considerable reputation on the line for a crank theory, so read and discuss.

I predict the hardest hit will be North Carolina and their insufferable “first in flight” license plates. Because we all know Dayton is just a suburb of Cape Hatteras…though one could be forgiven for thinking the Outer Banks and Grand Strand have been annexed by Ohio during certain parts of the year.

One Reply to “History Ain’t What it Used to Be”

  1. I feel the same way about Illinois and their insufferable “Land of Lincoln” plates, which ignore his birth in Kentucky and the fact that he spent his formative years in my home state of Indiana. 🙂

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