What’s Scarier Than Merle?

Got meth?


I don’t say much about TV shows, but man if The Walking Dead hasn’t been sharks-with-frickin-lasers awesome lately. One episode left until next fall and I’m already missing it.

But hey, Mad Men comes back after that…yawn. Sorry, but perpetually-drunk businessmen in skinny ties screwing each other’s wives just won’t fill that void. So unless Don Draper starts feasting on brains (it’s cable, you never know), I will be very very sad. Probably have to just settle for reading a book or something.

Which reminds me, if you haven’t checked out Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series then get thee to Amazon and start downloading. I picked up the three-volume anthology direct from Bain’s website a couple of months ago and it was the best six bucks I’ve ever spent. Best way I can describe it is urban fantasy that doesn’t take itself – or anything else – too seriously.  Like a mashup of The Expendables, Grimm, and Ghostbusters.

With guns. Lots of guns. Which are always nice.

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