About Boston

Not much to say, really, except that it’s more proof that we live in a world full of depraved people with sick ambitions.

I’m sorry…you thought I was talking about the Boston Bomber?

After a tragedy the normal person responds by falling to their knees in prayer. The compassionate person responds with concern for the affected. The professional reports the facts and differentiates between speculation and confirmation.

It is the desperate and professionally and spiritually anemic who heartlessly view tragedy as a chance to settle some imaginary score. These individuals are baselessly impugning innocent groups and in doing so, inadvertently impugn themselves and their profession.

Get over yourselves. For one day, get over yourselves. For one day realize the purpose you claim to serve and distribute what the authorities are confirming as fact. Practice actual news gathering.

At this point I don’t know what makes me angrier: the act itself or our supposedly impartial press falling all over itself to blame it on Bible-thumping-gun-toting-Tea-Partying-rednecks before a single piece of evidence is collected. First reports are almost always wrong, especially when they are so tainted by brazen partisanship.

At last count 3 people are dead, including someone’s little boy. Over a hundred are injured, including dozens who have lost limbs. All at the hands of a creature consumed by evil and motivated by God-knows-what. I have no idea who did this or why, but it’s certainly safe to at least make that assumption.

The assumptions made by our media watchdogs are more ill-considered.

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