Mad Men…In Spaaace!!!

This could be interesting:

Writers from the hit TV series “Mad Men” are working on a potential TV series that would focus on the space program of the 1960s and the journalists who covered it. The working title of the program is “Cocoa Beach.” If it comes to fruition, the series could debut as early as this fall.

Mash up your ad-agency+astronaut names here…

They must be running out of 60’s trends to mine from the perspective of Madison Avenue, and so far this season Mad Men has gone full Soap Opera trashy. Walking Dead and Southland can’t come back soon enough.

And if Tom Wolfe was correct, there should be plenty of racy material to dredge up from the 60’s space coast.

Which reminds me…didn’t someone already try a TV show in that setting a long time ago? The mind reels at what they might’ve done with I Dream of Jeannie

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