Apollo 11 Launch. Credit: NASA

It would be neglecting my space-nerd cred if I failed to recognize a little event that happened 44 years ago today. It’s fitting that just this week, Jeff Bezos confirmed the Saturn V engines they recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic a few months ago are indeed from Apollo 11. No word on what they’ll be going for on Amazon.

I was five years old and hopelessly obsessed with the whole space program. My parents let me stay up late to watch the first moonwalk, something I am grateful for to this day because I remember all of it. Sadly there aren’t enough people who can say that, not to mention the men who went there who are no longer with us.

A precious few are left – and I wouldn’t recommend trying out any ridiculous moon-hoax theories on them:

That’s how old fighter jocks roll.

UPDATE: Here’s a fantastic shot of Buzz stepping out onto the LM’s porch 44 years ago. Note the Star Trekky lens flare!

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