Why I Believe

Here’s a perfect example of why our government should be limited to the duties spelled out for it in the constitution:

Stimulus Funds Paid for Trees in High-Income Neighborhoods

Landscaping in Colorado, paid for by the other 49 states.

Now, I have nothing against high earners and fancy homes. I aspire to it. But this is what happens when Uncle Sam takes it upon himself to start spreading the wealth around. That is, it gets wasted on all sorts of stupid crap — such as landscaping for people who can afford it on their own. And it attracts parasitic cronies who are busily figuring out ways to skim it for their own benefit.

Not paid for with other people’s money.

See this? It’s the entrance to our little neighborhood in small-town Ohio, USA. Know who paid for it? WE DID through our homeowners association (which, BTW, charges way too much for the services they allegedly provide but we haven’t been able to throw them out until all the lots were built). Nobody else’s hard-earned tax money bankrolled it.

Just one example of many. They’re not too hard to find, so expect this post to become the first in a series.

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