Trump Card

trumpzilla_poster_2_0-r2e5a5579883d404a91d6f42032c4d3fa_wvc_8byvr_512So The Donald won New York’s Republican primary. In related news, I left something closely resembling Donald Trump in the toilet this morning.

My point? Both are equally undeserving of attention. But here we are.

There’s a story that Trump had been considering a Presidential run for some time and was finally convinced to throw his combover hat in the ring after a phone call from his good buddy Bill Clinton. For those of you who don’t recall the 90’s, here’s the Cliff Notes version: Bill Clinton is a reptilian pervert who doesn’t do anything for anyone unless it somehow redounds to his and/or Hillary’s benefit. And if he can stick it to the Republicans at the same time, it’s bonus points.

For any Republican, conservative or otherwise, that should’ve rung alarm bells at decibel levels loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage. Could no one see the train wreck this guy was setting us up for from day one? Because I’ll wager Slick Willie certainly did. The more conspiracy-minded might think Trump is a stalking horse for the Democrats, intentionally creating divisions that will leave the Republican party hopelessly fractured and clearing the way for Hillary! to plant her cankled @$$ in the Oval Office.

Personally, I think that was Bill’s plan all along. He might be a mendacious wretch, but he’s also a genius politician who knows how to maneuver people. Trump thinks he plays at that level, but he strikes me more as an entitled bully who gets what he wants by throwing around money and lawsuits until he gets his way. It didn’t matter if he was in on the con, because Clinton knew how he’d behave. I’m sure it took very little effort on his part: stroke Trump’s titanic ego, point him in the right direction, and watch the fun. In the end, it doesn’t matter if this was some Manchurian Candidate master plan or a Coen Brothers farce because the result is the same.

I pray we can overcome the divisions left in Donzilla’s wake, because the country depends on it. Eight years of Obama’s abusing executive authority has created precedents that a vengeful authoritarian like Hillary Clinton will be only too happy to leverage (“Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational bureaucracy!”).

And while it is frustrating to see so many “conservative” stalwarts sell themselves out for whatever bag of tricks The Donald is offering, at least we know who to take seriously in the future. Unfortunately, it’s become a pretty small list compared to those who should never be trusted again.

We will either come to our senses and emerge victorious or we will be forced to the sidelines, a remnant that doggedly works to preserve time-honored principles in the face of mass delusion. Namely:

  • Liberty is preserved through representative republics, because pure democracy always devolves into mob rule. The philosophies that informed our Founding Fathers matter. Try this thought experiment: should the 1st Amendment be up for public vote, or would you prefer it to remain ensconced in the Constitution? Why?
  • Separation of powers matters if we want the aforementioned Constitution to survive. That means each branch must abide within its limits and aggressively protect them. Congress has rolled over like a whipped dog for Obama, despite appearances to the contrary. It doesn’t matter how much hot air they spew, it’s about the actions they take. Or don’t.
  • In an imperfect world, free-market Capitalism is the only path to widespread prosperity. It creates the most wealth and opportunity for the greatest number of people. The Democrats have openly embraced Euro-style “democratic” socialism, so they’re gone. And too many Republicans confuse Free Markets with Big Business, Chamber-of-Commerce favoritism. A good example: imposing a $15 minimum wage is putting the cart way before the horse. It is demonstrably strangling entry-level employment in every city that’s tried it. Now, despite all evidence we have entire states trying it. How do you think that’s going to work out?

And don’t get me started on military preparedness and foreign policy. Our country suffers under numerous mass delusions. It’s past time to quit hitting the snooze button and wake up.




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