Guitar Heaven

Between writing and the day job, music is an avocation which I never seem to have enough time for. I play with a group of guys who are just in the “having fun” stage for now, but occasionally we turn out something that actually sounds really good. Here’s my modest guitar collection, mostly acquired with book royalties (not bragging, just offering as motivation):


I’ve been a Les Paul guy since college, but recently discovered the joys of a souped-up Telecaster with a lightning-fast neck. So of course I had to get two.

I’ll have to sell a lot more books to even make a dent in this place, however:


This is Mike’s Music in Cincinnati, which I recently had the pleasure of visiting. It’s rooms and rooms of vintage goodness:


I got to finger a ’59 flametop Les Paul which was worth as much as my entire collection, plus my car.


And then he…walked on down the hall!*


Every nook and cranny just gives you more of the I Wants. This one was the “budget” room. Riiight…

If you’re in the area and of a musical bent, it’s well worth your time.

*Yes, I just dated myself with a Doors reference. Sort of. Could also be an Apocalypse Now reference, which only makes me slightly less old.

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