Summer Book Blowout

It’s been a busy summer. In fact, the past year has been kind of nuts and the fruits of all that labor are now making it to the shelves. The latest is WORLDBREAKERS, a short story anthology I was honored to be a part of along with greats like David Weber and Larry Correia.

The theme is a little outside of my normal space-nerd setting, so let me sum it up in two words: sentient tanks. If that conjures visions of Cylons and Terminators in your mind, then know that’s also where my head went when Baen first approached me about contributing to it. Here’s a taste from the jacket copy:

Brute force. Intransigent defiance. Adamantine will.

These are the hallmarks of the AI tank. Formed from cold steel and superpowered computing brains, these gigantic tanks with the firepower of an entire army have been the decisive factors in interplanetary battle. But are humans worthy of the extraordinary instruments of war that they have created? Are the World Breakers the greatest protector of human liberty, or its worst threat?

My money’s on “worst threat,” but you be the judge. WORLDBREAKERS will be available Tuesday, August 3rd. You can preorder it now on Amazon. And because I’m so excited about this, BATTLESPACE will also be FREE for a limited time. 

BattleSpace by [Patrick Chiles]

This book was something of a labor of love. I badly wanted to flesh out the story of Vladimir Vaschenko, the missing Cosmonaut at the center of the mystery from last year’s FROZEN ORBIT. It’s set in the 1960’s when the American and Soviet space programs were not only racing each other to the Moon, they were secretly vying for control of Earth orbit.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention FRONTIER. I’ll let you be the judge if I’ve saved the best for last, but I am immensely proud of this one. It’s a near-future tale of the U.S. Space Force and their first crewed patrol ship, the USS Borman. It features plucky spacewalkers, wayward asteroid explorers, and a mysterious space station that is not what it appears to be.

Frontier by [Patrick Chiles]

That’s everything I’ve been up to this year…so far. More to follow this fall!

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