Happy Easter

Yeah, I’m late posting but it’s been a long day. Long weekend, too. I just cooked my first Easter dinner all by my lonesome, as the wife was busy whittling down our tax bill. She was amazingly successful, so perhaps I should cook more often.

Spent the first part of the weekend at my brother-in-law’s, and watched some of Passion of the Christ before it was time to hit the road for home. Mel Gibson caught a lot of flak for that movie (wrongfully) and for his personal behavior later on (rightfully). In the meantime, an awful lot of churches got themselves worked up into a lather when it first came to theaters and were awfully quick to hitch themselves to the Mel bandwagon. A few drunken tirades later, and we all learned that what Hollywood giveth, TMZ taketh away.

An unfortunate object lesson in placing too much faith in one person. And of all people, we Christians should know better. There is only one who we can put our faith in who will not disappoint or leave us high and dry, and today we celebrate His resurrection.

Another thing that movie reminded me of: however unpleasant it was to watch, it’s an accurate portrayal of Jesus’ scourge and crucifixion. What was already an unpleasant way to die was made it all the worse for Him. Our kids saw it for the first time, and it made them think.

Not much more to say but that. If you believe, wonderful. If you don’t, please consider that which God did for you that we honor today.

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