Perhaps the most succinct instruction that anyone could give our military. If only it had come as marching orders from the CinC instead of a eulogy from the widow of a fallen SEAL:

“It is easy to write a book about being a Navy SEAL, but it is very hard to write an obituary for one.”

“To all the Operators here today I give you this charge: Rid the world of those savages.  I’ll say it again, RID THE WORLD OF THOSE SAVAGES!”

(H/T: Ace of Spades)

Now if you will allow me a little self-indulgence…

I was an active-duty Marine for six years. Nothing special, but I did my job and am proud of that service. Between that and the military college I graduated from, the martial virtues have left a lasting impact on my life.

Parris Island was no treat, but the additional training Spec Ops guys endure almost defies comprehension. The one trait they share that has always impressed me is their quiet confidence and humility. They carry a respect for their own abilities and those of their comrades, and don’t feel a need to show off.

If only more of us in less hazardous professions were like that. God bless the men and women who don’t hesitate to run towards the sound of gunfire.

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