Can You Keep A Secret?

When is a secret spaceplane not a secret spaceplane? When we know about it ahead of time:

Next month, the X-37B will blast off again aboard an Atlas 5 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The exact timing of the October launch is unknown and subject to change due to weather conditions, and there’s no telling how long the drone will stay in orbit. ”Preparations for launch at Cape Canaveral have begun,” Major Tracy Bunko, an Air Force spokesperson, told

It’s funny how the sci/tech blogs get all twitterpated over this thing. X-37 was a NASA program that got money-whacked (like pretty much every other NASA project), and the Air Force wisely took it over. It fit the bill for a lot of capabilities they’d been wanting to develop anyway, so it’s not like they’ve reverse-engineered the Klingon cloaking device or something.

Which would probably be a bad thing, since they stole it from the Romulans to begin with. We’d be much better off just building our own cloaking device from scratch…

Where was I?

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