News From The Fuuuuture

In the latest edition of USA Today:

“Colorado has received a $200,000 federal grant to investigate building a spaceport east of the city, the Fort Collins Coloradoan reported. Backers say space travel could cut trip time between Denver and Australia from 20 hours to five.”

Being USA Today, it’s pretty light on details so I decided to go to the source. There’s nothing on the Ft. Collins paper’s website, but the Denver Post is on top of it.

I also don’t know where they get that five-hour figure. That’d be an average of Mach 3 or so; the speeds you’d need for a suborbital hop of that distance would easily be double.

Denver to Australia, through space? That’s crazy talk! Whoever would come up with such an outlandish idea? Really, somebody should write a book about it!

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