Coming Soon

The blog may have been dormant for a while, but rest assured I haven’t been. I have two titles coming out this summer, and a short story appearing in an anthology with such greats as David Weber and Larry Correia.

First up is Frontier, out June 1st (available for pre-order now, so hit that button!):

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Marshall Hunter only wanted to fly: the faster, the higher, the better. But the Space Force has other plans that will take its newest officer beyond anything he imagined.

Assigned to the cislunar cruiser U.S.S. Borman as a search-and-rescue officer, Ensign Hunter is resigned to a life of rescuing wayward spacefarers and derelict satellites. The novelty of Earth orbit soon wears off after a series of arduous spacewalks, confirming his suspicion that the new space economy has attracted too many people with more money than sense.

His fortunes appear to change when a billionaire couple goes missing on their way to survey a near-Earth asteroid. Out of contact and on a course that will eventually send them crashing into Mars, the nuclear-powered Borman is dispatched on an audacious, high-speed interplanetary run to find the couple’s wayward spacecraft and bring them home. As they approach the asteroid, the Borman itself becomes hopelessly disabled, its only chance of rescue coming from a surprising source.

With the Borman suddenly out of commission and far beyond reach, cislunar space begins falling into chaos as critical satellites fail and valuable lunar mineral shipments begin disappearing in transit. Nothing is as it seems, and the crew suspects none of it is by coincidence.

Facing an impossible choice between salvation and sacrifice, Marshall Hunter will have to find a way to save both his crewmates and their civilian charges.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Next is BattleSpace, a novella I’d wanted to write for a long time that explores the background of Vladimir Vaschenko, the Soviet cosmonaut at the center of the mystery behind last year’s Frozen Orbit. This one is a straight-up Cold War technothriller that just happens to be set in space. As seems to be everything I do, but anyway…

This one is taking longer than I thought, as I’d hoped to have it out in concert with the audiobook release of Frozen Orbit last month. Which, yeah, that’s a thing. The new cover looks pretty cool to my eyes:

Frozen Orbit

So, back to BattleSpace. It’s a tightly-paced story, about 100 pages, which is not nearly enough for my publisher to do a print run. This one will be independently published by moi and available anywhere fine e-books are sold later this summer.

It’s going to be a busy summer, so stay tuned!

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