T-Minus Ten Days

FRONTIER in the wild, at Secrets Beach Resort in Cancun. Wish I could say I took this, but it was one of my “advance readers.”

Writing a new book is always exciting but I especially enjoyed this one. Its an action-adventure / technothriller that builds on characters introduced in PERIGEE and FARSIDE. FRONTIER combines themes of exploration, military sci-fi, and Earthbound intrigue to project present-day geopolitical conflicts into near-future space. The ending surprised me as I was writing it and things didn’t turn out *at all* like I’d planned. It’s a good thing when the writer surprises himself.

Get ahead of the crowd and preorder on Amazon! Preorders are a tremendous help with initial rankings on release day, which increases reader visibility, which increases sales, which secures my ability to keep writing. Bottom line, I sincerely appreciate it and will continue doing my best to provide more great beach reads.

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