Sequester Track

Since flight delays are one of the most over-hyped metrics of Sequestrageddon (no doubt to be followed next year by Sequestrageddon II: This Time, it’s Personal), let’s use a little modern technology to follow the decline of American civilization in real time:

Remember, flight delays have already started. Trust us. And ignore that man behind the curtain!

Wow. Just look at the path of fiscal destruction wrought upon our national airspace system! One cringes in horror. It must be falling into chaos ’cause DHS says so. And their fingers are on the collective pulse of the nation…right?


U.S. airports, including Los Angeles International and O’Hare International in Chicago, are already experiencing delays in waiting lines as a result of automatic federal spending cuts, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday.

Their fingers are probing a collective something, alright, but it ain’t our pulse.

Tuesday’s Brain Dump: The End is Still Nigh

Sarah Hoyt, always with the good advice, this time on raising kids when the world’s gone nuts. Here’s hoping she finally gets well soon, because we need all the non-nutty people we can get. Behold:

Bank of America shows which side it’s on in the gun control debate. Hint: it ain’t free markets or liberty. Not that it’s the least bit surprising.

Dog Bites Man: Has the Muslim Brotherhood successfully infiltrated the US Government? Well, yes. Also not surprising in the least, since that’s kind of what the Brotherhood’s founding charter SAYS THEY PLAN TO DO. Yeesh, am I the only one out here paying attention?

Another Dog Bites Another Man, or why Brent Musberger is still a turd blossom.

And Now for Something Completely Different, or Man Bites Dog: Well, when you’ve earned Iran’s endorsement then of course you’re a shoo-in for the top job at the Pentagon.

Good luck with this plan. Does the GOP still suffer under the illusion that the Dems actually share the same goals? Remind me, how many times did Lucy have to yank the football away from Charlie Brown before he finally wised up? Oh, never mind…

Finally, from the “I can’t be overdrawn, I still have checks left!” school of fiscal policy: The Dr. Evil ONE TRILLION DOLLAR Commemorative Coin. As seen on TV! Or as one astute analyst commented, it would be“like a Simpsons episode” (hey, maybe we could buy a monorail with it):

“What about us brain-dead slobs?”

“You’ll all be given cushy jobs!”

“But Main Street’s still all cracked and broken…”

“Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken!”

Why some people with “serious” reputations (or access to NY Times bylines – ahem) would advocate this insanity is beyond me. And it would be pure insanity – and to my mind, final proof that the Cloward-Piven strategy does hold sway with certain Democrats.

If this came to pass, that’d be the point where I cash out my 401k and go Full Prepper, because that’d be the only way to get by in a country that’s gone Full Retard.

The Stupid Party

Today’s vocabulary word is Charlie-Foxtrot: the phonetic abbreviation of military slang which rhymes with “monster truck.” If you need further explanation, you’re not going to find it on this blog.

CF aptly describes Romney’s utter failure of a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) plan. I use the word “plan” because “effort” or “organization” would suggest that actual work was being done or that someone, somewhere, knew what the hell was going on.

Judging by the stink-bombs being dropped around the internet today, it appears that in fact nothing was being done and that no one had a friggin’ clue as to what was happening on the ground, in the voting booths. This election was lost because three million fewer Republican voters turned out than for the listless John McCain in 2008.

Let that sink in for a moment. How can that be?

Romney was not my preferred candidate by a long shot, but he ended up being the best choice among a disappointing field of also-rans (Newt could’ve been devastatingly effective if only he showed more self-control, but that ship sailed years ago). I grew to appreciate the man as time went on and he grew more comfortable in his role. He projected an aura of capable, sober trustworthiness that should have prevailed over the Dem’s relentless negativity.

However, one must be willing to punch back when attacked. He didn’t, not until the first debate, and we all know how much the momentum shifted at that point. He also played it much safer than I would’ve preferred in the final debate – and let’s get real: he had a civic duty in my opinion to publicly call out Obama over the Benghazi fiasco since the press clearly wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, the other side ran a campaign expressly designed to frighten voters and suppress our turnout. Which they admit to. Which is fine. Politics ain’t beanbag, as they say. Romney’s people at least claimed to understand this, which is why they promised such a sophisticated GOTV program: determine who’s sitting this one out, in real time, and persuade them to come vote. It would’ve been brilliant if it had only worked.

Even if ORCA was hacked somehow (and at that point, it likely didn’t matter anymore), that’s exactly the sort of dirty trick one should expect…right? So long as they’re not actually rigging the vote (cough – Philadelphia – cough), it’s all fair game. If I were an IT nerd I’d probably get off on it – expect a denial-of-service attack, and defeat it.


Holy crap on a cracker, how hard is that to understand? And I’m not even an IT guy, I’m just one more schlub out of millions relying on networked software every freaking day just to do my job.

Of course, this is only one big piece of a much larger puzzle. There’s more to this debacle than just misplaced trust in a software app (I’m looking at you, jackass Senate candidates). But it does explain something else that had been bugging me…I volunteered on two separate occasions to be a poll watcher but was never contacted. No email, no phone call, certainly no credentials or strike list. And don’t tell me they didn’t need all the help they could get in Ohio.

Jonah Goldberg nailed it, as usual:

If Romney had merely gotten as many votes as McCain he’d be president-elect now. Hell, Romney got fewer votes than George W. Bush did from — wait for it — Mormons! Seriously, did they appoint one of those Chinatown tic-tac-toe-chickens to run the turnout operation?

Constitutional and Libertarian principles, to the limited extent they were advocated, had their best chance to prevail in decades and our side blew it. Again. A candidate who appeared to be much better than 2008’s, who appeared to run a much better campaign, appears to have left millions of votes on the table. We lost because during the home stretch, his organization placed all of its faith in a software app that hadn’t been tested and didn’t work.

And there was no plan B.

Now we, as a country, are left with no plan B. Thanks again, GOP.

UPDATE: Was the whole campaign essentially a money-grab by soulless “campaign consultants” whose mouths were writing checks their brains couldn’t cash? RedState seems to think so.

(We Don’t Need No) Civil War

I wish this post was about a crappy and long-forgotten Guns & Roses tune.

Sadly, it’s not.

Nope, this is a post about the relentless jackassery of the European Union. Seems that their Ministry of Silly Walks (whatever, it doesn’t really matter – they’re all equally ineffective) has determined that to avoid harming the feelings of anyone who might’ve signed up for the Jackboot side of WWII, the Museum of European History will henceforth only present said history from 1946 onward. The armed unpleasantness that occurred immediately before the current era of sweetness and light will henceforth be referred to as the European Civil War.

Let that sink in a minute. Continue reading “(We Don’t Need No) Civil War”

Unambiguously Lame Euro

I wish I could say this was a Saturday Night Live skit but sadly, it’s not:

Behold, Captain Euro! Fighting for Egalitarian Nonsense Truth, Bureaucratic Ninnies Justice, and the Unsustainable Welfare State European Way!

…or something like that. We really shouldn’t pile on.

Oh, why not? Yes, we should.

If the EU collapses and things turn violent, any possible armed conflict among member states is bound to look more like a slap-fight between the playground sissies.


This would be really funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

Hat tip: Instapundit


Step Away From the Moon Rock…

NASA joins the ever-growing list of government agencies that just can’t resist the excessive use of police force. From the AP story:

Davis claims Armstrong gave the items to her husband, though the affidavit says the first man on the moon has previously told investigators he never gave or sold lunar material to anyone.

In follow-up phone conversations with a NASA agent, Davis acknowledged the rock was not sellable on the open market and fretted about an agent knocking on her door and taking the material, which she was willing to sell for “big money underground.”

“She must know that this is a questionable transaction because she used the term ‘black market,'” Agent Conley states in the search warrant.

Curiously, though, Davis agreed to sell the sample to NASA for a stellar $1.7 million. She said she wanted to leave her three children an inheritance and take care of her sick son.

NASA investigators then arranged the sting, where Conley met with Davis and her current husband at the Denny’s at Lake Elsinore in Riverside County.

Soon after settling into a booth, Davis said, she pulled out the moon sample and about half a dozen sheriff’s deputies and NASA investigators rushed into the eatery.

When officers in flack vests took a hold of her, the 4-foot-11 woman said she was so scared she lost control of her bladder and was taken outside to a parking lot, where she was questioned and detained for about two hours.

Okay, clearly this lady suspected she was probably sitting on hot Apollo memorabilia. But was it necessary to take her down with a half-dozen Deputy Dawgs in flak jackets? This was an old lady at Denny’s, not some meth dealer in the ‘hood. Were they afraid she was gonna go all ninja, whip out her dentures and kill somebody?

But hey, if the Dept. of Education can use SWAT to serve warrants for unpaid student loans, I guess that’s just the world we live in.


Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?

Judging by the results of this survey, I’d say your average single-celled organism might have more brain power.

This whole sorry movement is really just the end result of decades of undermining our education standards. Add to that far too many young people who go on to major in absolutely useless subjects only to end up saddled with massive debt and no job prospects. This quote from a NY Times story is priceless:

In Boston, a hub of colleges and universities, a higher education theme emerged among protesters. “What did I spend the last four years doing…Fluent in Mandarin and French and no one wants to go for that? And it’s like, now what?”

Yes, the economy’s in the tank. But jobs are not non-existent, and you might be more competitive if you’d majored in something useful instead of Medieval French Literature with a minor in Transgender Victim Studies. What stands out in the above piece is how many of them seem to be from the artsy-crafty crowd. Strangely, I don’t see many stories about newly-minted engineers being out of work. Check the websites of Boeing, Lockheed, SpaceX, etc. and you’ll find they’re still hiring in droves.

Look, my degree’s in English. I get it. I likewise didn’t give serious thought to what good it’d actually do for me in the marketplace since I was headed for the military. And that was 25 years ago, when the Reagan Boom was in full swing. When the economy is barely avoiding depression, employers can afford to be a lot more choosy. They have to be.

What’s sad is that this crowd just doesn’t get it. They don’t understand where their anger really needs to be focused because they’ve come up through a system that left them completely unprepared for reality.

I feel sorry for a lot of these people, seriously. This guy, not so much:

Let’s Go To Prison!

If Pro is the opposite of Con, then the opposite of Progress must be…?


This story is downright scary. I’ve touched on this alarming trend of criminalizing just about everything, for example the outrageous Gibson raids. And it’s being done without consideration of “willful intent”, which used to be the threshold for criminal convictions. And a lot of the things they’ve deemed illegal are just plain stupid, in my opinion.

Here’s an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal’s piece:

“One controversial new law can hold animal-rights activists criminally responsible for protests that cause the target of their attention to be fearful, regardless of the protesters’ intentions. Congress passed the law in 2006 with only about a half-dozen of the 535 members voting on it.”

Emphasis mine.

Now, I’m an omnivore and therefore no big fan of PETA. I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat Purina Rabbit Chow. But that’s just stupid.

And there’s this one:

“…a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, man with an extensive criminal record, was back in school pursuing a high-school diploma and working as a drywall installer. While doing some remodeling work, Mr. Yirkovsky found a .22 caliber bullet underneath a carpet, according to court documents. He put it in a box in his room, the records show.

A few months later, local police found the bullet during a search of his apartment. State officials didn’t charge him with wrongdoing, but federal officials contended that possessing even one bullet violated a federal law prohibiting felons from having firearms.

Mr. Yirkovsky pleaded guilty to having the bullet. He received a congressionally mandated 15-year prison sentence, which a federal appeals court upheld but called “an extreme penalty under the facts as presented to this court.”

I should think so.

Clearly this guy was not one to blindly trust, but it sounds like the court accepted the “I found the bullet” story. I mean, come on. 15 years in Federal Pound-You-In-The-@$$ prison for a lousy .22 Long cartridge? Even a serious round like 9mm or .45 shouldn’t count…because they’re not firearms. What the hell was he gonna do, throw it at somebody? Maybe put it in a slingshot?

It’s as if we’ve reached some kind of crazy lawmaking inflection point, where our representatives are constantly in such a rush to prove they’re “doing something” that pretty soon damned near everything will be illegal. Combine that with the recent trend towards militarizing our police forces, and you’ve got the key ingredients for a very disturbing situation. We may all end up in prison camps, but at least our Congress-critters can sleep well knowing they’ve done something.

Congress should only meet for, say, 60 days a year, so we can limit the damage. And every new law should have a sunset provision. Force them to revisit it in five or ten years and decide if it still makes sense.

And if it doesn’t, maybe we can find a way to put them all in the Big House to commiserate with all the other ne’er-do-wells.

Obama Eats Boogers

That’s right, I said it. Go ahead and report me to the thought police. I’ll get a neat Attack Watch graphic and maybe drive my blog traffic up.

Do they seriously think this is an idea that will play well with the general population, much less voters? That is, except for all the brownshirts fanboys drinking the hope-n-change Kool Aid.

They must not have learned a thing from the public outcry when George Bush did the same thing.

What’s that? He didn’t? But…I thought he was supposed to be a Nazi Fascist Meanie. And that’s what they do, after all.

More on this monumentally desperate move from Bill Whittle. And some Star Wars-y fun with it at HillBuzz.

UPDATE: You just knew it wouldn’t take long before Hitler found out. Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational blogosphere!